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    Carlo Supina

    Founder and Visionary

    Carlo Supina is a tech professional and educator with a background in IoT electronics and Rust programming. He enjoys creating technical guides and videos to help others navigate the complexities of IoT. Carlo developed Thetawave, an open-source, physics-based space shooter game using the Bevy engine, with a vision to foster community contributions and collaboration.

    Since 2022, Carlo has been designing and building custom metal arcade machines, which he has showcased at events like RustConf, Opensauce, and 2DCon. These events have given him the opportunity to demonstrate Thetawave and other games developed by members of the Rust community. His work has attracted attention, including an interview by the computer company Framework at Opensauce 2024.

    In his role as the head of production at Spooky Action, Carlo focuses on embedded systems and product design, including the power delivery system for drone tethering. He also teaches welding workshops at the University of Minnesota, helping newcomers gain confidence in their skills. Carlo values making technology accessible and enjoys contributing to both the tech and educational communities.

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    LordDeatHunter is an open source developer who has been working with Metalmancy since 2023. His contributions include the Metalmancy website, as well as open source contributions to Thetawave.